Revolutionise online education

Carefully designed interactive tools enable “within the same room” experience. Instant feedback on learning effectiveness.

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What benefits can online class bring you?

Design for interactivity

1. Face to face

Collaborative sharing tools, visualiser (2nd camera), QR code instant upload and more…..enable “within the same room” experience.

2.Real classroom interaction experience

Interactive chats, behind the screen “raise hand” allows students to ask questions just like in real classroom. Unlike other webcast, AcuLedge webcast support “raise hand” feature to bring student to the front screen for interaction.

3.Powerful playback function

Forget about taking notes, just concentrate on the teacher during class. Review courseware or video lesson playback after class.

4.Data Analytics

Data of each class can be collected for analysis, enabling better management of classroom, courseware, schedule and staff.

Multiple classroom formats

1V1 Interactive Webcast

One teacher video, 1 student video. Unlimited students

1V6 interactive class

One teacher video, 6 student video Unlimited students